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Turning Light

The turning light is an important indicator that turns on when the motor vehicle turns to alert the front and rear vehicles and pedestrians. The turning light adopts a xenon lamp, a single-chip control circuit, and the left and right rotation strobes work continuously. The turn signal uses a flasher to achieve flashing of the light. Mainly can be divided into three types: resistance, capacitive and electronic.
Among them, the resistance type can be divided into hot wire type (electric heating type) and wing type (spring type), while electronic type can be divided into mixed type (with contact type relay and electronic components) and all electronic type (without relay) ). For example, the bounce flasher uses the principle of current thermal effect to use thermal expansion and contraction as the power, so that the spring piece generates a sudden action to open and close the contact to achieve the light flashing.
The turning light is the most important means of indicating the dynamic information of the car. It is installed in front of and behind the car body and is turned on when the car turns. It provides a guarantee for driving safety.
Our LED turning lights have the following advantages:
1. Long life, no filament structure, no heat, normal use for more than 6 years;
2. Its power consumption is only 10%-20% of the same brightness incandescent lamp;
3. High luminous purity, no need to filter the lamp cover;
4. The optical wavelength error is within 10 nm;
5. No delay in lighting, faster response time;
6. There are no moving parts in the internal structure, and the seismic performance is very good.
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