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What Are The Advantages Of LED Lights
- May 12, 2017 -

Automotive lighting industry mainstream headlights is nothing more than xenon lights and halogen lamps. However, LED lights have gradually emerged, and now with the LED lamp technology more and more mature, the future of LED lights will become the leading automotive lighting industry, compared to the front of the two lights LED lights have any advantages? The

1, energy saving, cost reduced year by year

LED light luminous efficiency is relatively high, more than twice the fluorescent lamp. But if we use the home of energy-saving lamps than it can be more than 1 times more energy than incandescent, and energy-saving lamps compared to LED lights, it is more than three times more energy-saving. Car use is the same, the same daytime running lights, LED energy consumption is only halogen lamp 1/20, and the current cost of LED is also declining year by year, according to statistics, LED lighting prices each year to 20% Reduced.

2, long life

At present, the average life of automotive LED lights can reach more than 50,000 hours, and some of the more well-known lighting suppliers to provide life expectancy of more than 100000 LED components, the equivalent of eleven years do not need to replace the lights bulb.

3, wearable

LED lights are very simple structure, its impact resistance and shock resistance are very good, do not worry about the light bulb will be easily broken, can be very good to adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

4, small components, easy to arrange

LED lights are very small components, can be a good design and layout, this is also a huge advantage of LED bulbs, to meet the needs of car manufacturers design, breaking the traditional lighting system, creating a new lighting system Modeling, so that we have a more perfect lighting.

5, light up fast

LED lights light up very fast, just subtle can, most of the current are used for car taillights and turn lights, because it can quickly light up, played a very good warning. If the LED headlights on the application of headlights, its effect will be more than xenon lights and halogen lamps more secure.

6, low loss

LED lights are very bright, light brightness failure is much lower than the halogen lamp, suitable for headlights in the car and brake lights and turn signals and so on.

7, low-voltage current can be lit.

 LED lights only need low-voltage direct current can be lit, and its load is small, strong anti-interference, the environment is also relatively low, do not need to install the same as the xenon lamp ballast.