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LED Lights Market Development Depends On The Progress Of LED Technology
- May 12, 2017 -

After a period of time LED lights were very hot, many people optimistic about the market development, that LED lights will be and LED backlighting together in 2009 to drive the LED market high-speed growth of the two carriages. However, in the Toyota Lexus, Audi R8 and Cadillac first road probe before the headlamps, everything goes to silence. In the recent China Semiconductor Lighting Network and "semiconductor lighting" magazine survey statistics, automotive lighting and display once again optimistic that the 2010 LED applications will be one of the fastest growing areas. On this issue, China Automobile Industry Association, China Automotive Engineering Society Professor Shen Li talked about their views.

Professor Shen said that in the past year or two, LED in the field of automotive applications is indeed very fast, has formed a certain scale, but the previous estimates are still some gaps. LED is not as expected as the blowout into the automotive field, the reason is the price problem on the one hand, on the other hand the technical barriers or the main, color temperature, light distribution, cooling and other issues need to continue to improve. At present, LED applications in the car are mainly concentrated in the signal, instructions, such as brake lights, turn signals, dashboard, etc., in the application of the headlamps are still in the exploratory stage. Although there are some models to do the attempt, but the effect also need time to test. Domestic research institutions and manufacturers are also actively engaged in this study, and has made several sets of lights, but have not put into actual production.

Professor Shen believes that LED lights in the short term to expand the market not only depends on the car manufacturers and manufacturers of lights, the most important thing is the progress of the entire LED technology itself, only the LED itself to achieve a certain level of technology, In order to create a real fit for the production of lights, car manufacturers will meet the needs of the lights, LED lights market can really be started. On the current development of the lamp market, LED in the rapid development of halogen lamps and HID lamp performance are constantly being improved, so the short term is difficult to dominate, should still halogen, HID lights, LED lights to share The situation of the world. As the many advantages of LED light source to meet people on the car safety, comfort, luxury, energy saving, environmental protection and multi-functional requirements, improve the car's grade and enhance its market competitiveness. So with the development of LED technology, LED lighting prices will gradually reduce the price, LED will be a large area into the automotive applications, especially in the application of headlamps.