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LED Lights Into The Future Of Automotive Lighting System Fashion Favorite
- May 12, 2017 -

With the continuous development of LED technology, evolution, its application in the automotive field is also increasingly widespread. However, the current LED manufacturers in the lights, backlight, lighting and other three applications on the market is still in the development and certification stage, the demand for yellow and not to contribute to this year's industrial growth is not big, but with the industrialization of speed, next year LED manufacturers In the lights, backlight, lighting and other three areas have a lot of applications.

For the development of automotive LED market, the United States, Japan, Europe, some high-end cars have begun to use part of the LED lighting, with the development of China's economy, automobile and motorcycle industry in recent years, rapid progress, its supporting products car Lights and motorcycle lights demand will rise simultaneously. Although a few years ago, LED lights market expansion is very slow, is expected within the past two years there will be a rapid development, and in each car before the combination of lights, after the group lights are expected to have 1 to 2 lights Moving lights, rear turn lights) using LED light source. LED is known as the fourth generation of automotive light, LED lights in addition to a one-time high investment, with good quality, high grade incandescent lamp can not match the advantages.

September 1 With the rise in oil prices, new energy vehicle development will be of concern, so energy conservation and environmental protection is the main topic of common concern. LED in the energy on the highlights of the great advantages, I believe often concerned about the new Audi models may know that the past few years in the brake lights on the popular use of the LED (light-emitting diode: the energy can be directly converted into light energy Of the crystalline semiconductor compounds made of gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide is the basic material.) Appears in the car headlamps, compared with the traditional incandescent lamp, LED headlamps not only the lighting effect is high, and low energy consumption The In the case of the same illumination, the demand for high power light-emitting diodes is half of the halogen headlamps. Although the current situation, LED also can not reach the energy level of xenon headlamps, but the technology still has a huge development potential. Car LED lights are divided into decorative and functional lights two categories

Automotive LED lighting system

Decorative lights for the main car inside and outside the United States and the use of vehicles in the role of the current multi-control circuit to achieve a combination of colorful changes. Function LED light is most suitable for digital instrument assembly indicator backlight display, front and rear lights, brake lights, show lights, reversing lights, fog lights, reading lights. The use of LED requirements and the general use of similar LED, but the LED angle, color, brightness, voltage dispersion, light failure, heat, anti-violet and reliability requirements to be high.

Automotive LED lighting system

In fact, LED lights technology has not only play a so-called "vase" decorative role, LED will rely on its own energy-saving features will become increasingly emerging, become the future direction of development of automotive lighting.