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LED Lights Increasingly Popular Self-modification Should Pay Attention To Wiring Thickness
- May 12, 2017 -

For a car, the lights like its "eyes", and nowadays energy saving, environmental protection, the volume is also smaller LED lights become popular elements of decorative cars. For example, LED car lights, LED brake lights, LED reversing lights, LED flash lights, LED daytime running lights, much favored by young owners. For the car manufacturers, and now also began to only from the high-end models assembled LED lights to low-end models, such as Guangzhou Automobile Honda Ling sent, Dongfeng Fengshen new S30 and other models, this will undoubtedly enhance the product selling point. Although the LED lights more dazzling, cool, but its maintenance costs compared to the traditional lights are also really expensive, if the owner to modify their own, but also should pay attention to the annual inspection is qualified, the wiring harness is thick enough, do not give cars and traffic Security left hidden trouble.

Appearance dazzle young consumers eyeball

"LED lights have become a major concern when consumers buy a car, especially the young consumer groups, buy a car will ask." Dongfeng Fengshen Jilin Yongcheng 4S shop manager Sun Guangji told reporters, "LED day driving The lights began to civilian, and the original only in the Audi, BMW, imported Volkswagen and other models can see, now on the road to run a lot of cars are equipped. "However, for many young owners, the use of LED day line Lights are now up to catch up with the trend, but not the leading trend. "I set the lights are replaced by LED lights, including the brake lights, headlights, turn lights, daytime running lights, etc., absolutely hyun." 90 after the owner Xiao Liu said with a smile.

"In fact, modified LED lights in addition to cool, but also to ensure traffic safety, for example, modified LED daytime running lights in the day the sun glare or rain fog days line of sight than the more Worse in the case of other vehicles can be identified.

Once the cost of damage is not low maintenance

Although the LED lights Hyun, but its high maintenance costs but let the owners call "can not afford to hurt." According to Changchun City Auto Trade City Auto Parts Zhao boss said: "LED light shape not only Hyun, and LED headlamps brightness than xenon headlamps, light reaction speed, but the price is relatively high, for example, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other luxury models LED headlamps, the price is 20,000 to 80,000 per month, for the owner, is not a small burden.

Recently, Cheyou Xiao Song in their own car for thousands of dollars on the maintenance fee upset. Reporters learned that Xiao Song driving a luxury brand car LED turn signal is broken, sent to the 4S shop repair was found to be burned out. "Originally thought to replace a light bulb on it, hundreds of pieces of things, but the maintenance workers told me that the LED turn signal can not replace the lamp alone, bad need to change the entire assembly, the price of around 2,000 yuan." Xiao Song reluctantly Said. And Xiao Song have the same experience there is a joint venture brand owner Mr. Zhao: "I LED brake light is not lit, go to 4S shop asked for a assembly, the cost of nearly 1,500 yuan, to the outside of the repair shop offer is too Yuan, think about the original ordinary halogen bulb cheap!

Self-modification should pay attention to wiring thickness

It is understood that many owners like DIY car, which self-modified LED lights of the young owners of a few, but in the installation of their own lights when there are many things to note. Guangzhou Automobile into the state 4S shop sales service director Liu Ying said: "LED lights is actually a light-emitting diodes, is a one-way conduction, longevity, power saving, small heat, low voltage light source. Pay attention to the thickness of the wiring, it is recommended to choose a thicker wire harness, so you can ensure that the use of the process is not easy to burn out, while the installation should pay attention to the hidden line, not too much exposed to the outside, to avoid security risks In addition, the impact of LED lighting efficiency and life of the main factors is the temperature, so you want to modify the owner of LED lights, it is recommended to choose a good thermal conductivity LED lights, and the installation process to pay attention to the future environment of LED thermal environment. It is mentioned that the modified owner must not destroy the appearance of the original car, once changed the appearance, then the annual inspection will be in trouble.