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LED Car Headlamps And Xenon Headlights Difference
- May 12, 2017 -

LED car headlamps

LED is the English light emitting diode (abbreviation), its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, with silver glue or white plastic curing to the bracket, and then use a silver wire or gold wire to connect the chip and circuit board , And then surrounded by epoxy resin seal, play a role in protecting the internal core, and finally install the shell, so the LED lamp seismic performance is good.

LED car headlamps light principle

LED (Light Emitting Diode), a light-emitting diode, is a power can be converted into visible light solid-state semiconductor devices, it can be directly into electricity into light. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor chip, one end of the chip attached to a bracket, one end is negative, the other end connected to the power of the positive, so that the entire chip is encapsulated by epoxy resin. Semiconductor chip consists of two parts, part of the P-type semiconductor, in which the dominant hole inside, the other end is the N-type semiconductor, mainly electronic here. But when the two semiconductors are connected, they form a P-N junction. When the current through the wire acting on the chip, the electron will be pushed to the P area, in the P area with the hole in the electronic composite, and then will be issued in the form of photon energy, which is the principle of LED light. And the wavelength of light is the color of light, is formed by the formation of P-N knot material.

High intensity Discharge (HID) is a high pressure gas discharge lamp, referred to as HID xenon lamp, which can be called a metal halide, which is filled with an inert gas mixture including xenon, a filament without a halogen lamp. Lamp or xenon lamp, the luminous principle is through the starter and electronic ballast, the voltage increased to more than 23000V high-pressure breakdown of xenon gas lead to xenon in the two electrodes between the formation of arc and light. Xenon lights are divided into car with xenon lamp and outdoor lighting with xenon lamp.

Xenon lights, also known as HID gas discharge headlights in the field of automotive lights. Is a high-pressure xenon wrapped in a quartz tube to replace the traditional tungsten wire, providing a higher color temperature, more gathered lighting. As the xenon lamp is the use of high-voltage current activated xenon and the formation of a beam of arc light, between the two electrodes can continue to discharge light. Ordinary car tungsten bulb power of 55 watts, while the xenon lamp only 35 watts, down nearly 1 and a half. The xenon lamp can significantly reduce the burden on the vehicle's power system. Automotive xenon lamp color temperature between 4000K-6000K, much higher than the ordinary headlamp bulb. It is high brightness, 4300K xenon lamp light color is white yellow, because the color temperature is low, the visual effect is yellow, the light penetration is stronger than the high color temperature lamp, can improve the night and foggy weather driving safety.

Xenon headlamp light principle

Xenon lamp light principle is UV-cut UV crystal quartz glass tube, with a variety of chemical gas filling, most of which is xenon (Xenon) and iodide, etc., and then through the supercharger (Ballast) will car 12 volts DC voltage instantaneous boost to 23000 volts of the voltage, through the high voltage amplitude excitation quartz tube xenon electrons free, between the two electrodes to produce light, which is the so-called gas discharge. And by the xenon produced by the white super arc light, can improve the color temperature of light, similar to the sun in the daylight, HID work required when the current is only 3.5A, the brightness is three times the traditional halogen bulbs, life than the traditional Halogen bulb is 10 times longer.

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