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How To Use Car Lights Correctly
- May 12, 2017 -

Car lights like the car's "eyes", commonly used are headlights, fog lights, as well as car taillights such as brake lights, turn lights, reversing lights and license plate lights and so on. Of course, car lights also have a certain decorative effect, such as daytime running lights and so on. But its most important role is to protect the driver's driving safety. The use of car lights looks simple, but not necessarily everyone can use it correctly. Jin Yulong photoelectric led lamp manufacturers to introduce the role of car lights and how to correctly and safely use the main car led several lights.

1, the car front lights, mainly show wide lights, car headlights (high beam and low beam)

The role of the headlamps (low beam and high beam) and the safe use of methods: low beam main role is to illuminate the more close to the front of the road, mainly in the evening when the darker day, rainy days When the road lighting is not bright enough to open. Correct and safe way to use is that if you look from the rearview mirror has begun to blur, then it means that should open the light in time; high beam main role is to illuminate the more distant road ahead, Turn on at night (no running vehicle). Correct and safe way to use the vehicle in the car to be changed to near light, such as the opposite vehicle does not change, you should slow down and use the transformation of far, low light way to signal, if the other is still no change, As you can drive in front of the lane.

 The role of wide light and the correct use of safe way: the role of wide light is in the dark to show the location of the still car. The correct safe driving method is not to use the wide light instead of the low beam in the dark driving, which is very dangerous, because the wide light and can not illuminate the front road.

2, car turn signal

The role of the steering lights and the correct use of the way: turn signal is an important and most commonly used signal lights, it turned when the vehicle turned, intermittent flash to prompt around the vehicle and pedestrian attention. Steering light is safe and safe to use the method is to master the opening time - 30-100 meters away from the turning point to open, but also often do lamp maintenance, to ensure the normal use of turn light bulbs.

3, car brake lights

The role of the brake light and the correct use of the method: Brake light is also an important and most commonly used signal lights, brake in the vehicle to open, continue to light up to remind the vehicle after the vehicle and pedestrian attention. The correct use of brake lights safe way is to use the vehicle on the road to avoid the use of emergency braking to prevent rear-end and other accidents. In addition, the maintenance of the brake light is also very important.

4, car fog lights (front fog lights, after fog lights)

The role of the fog lamp and the correct use of the method: fog lamp is the role of scattered scattering penetrating strong, its installation location is generally very low, mainly used to encounter fog, rain, snow weather, when the line of sight is unclear The Correct and safe use of fog lights there are two main ways, one is to avoid the car fog lamp as a high beam (or high beam as a fog lamp), the second is to avoid the car after the fog lamp as a parking light The In addition, only when the visual distance of less than 50 meters to use the fog lights, because both the driver after the car, the fog lights are more glaring.