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LED Headlight Bulb

The LED Headlight Bulb is mounted on the sides of the car's head to illuminate the road ahead. They are devided into two lights, four lights. When the four-lamp headlights are installed side by side, one corresponding to the outer side is a near-high beam double-beam lamp; and one corresponding to the inner side is a high-beam single-beam lamp.
Since the LED is directly converted from electric energy into light energy, the LED Headlight Bulb consumes only one-tenth the power of the conventional lamp than the ordinary car bulb, which can save fuel consumption and protect the car circuit from being burnt by excessive load current. The LED element has a simple structure, excellent impact resistance and shock resistance, is not easily broken, and can be well adapted to various environments.
The LED components are small in size, compact and easy to arrange and design. This advantage fully caters to the evolutionary needs of automakers in design, breaking the shackles of the past lighting system's styling innovation, allowing us to have more creative automotive products.
The LED Headlight Bulb is used on the headlights and has a higher response speed than xenon lamps and halogen headlights, which provides better protection for driving safety.
Low-voltage DC can be driven, the load is small, the interference is weak, the requirements for the use environment are low, and the adaptability is good. A booster (high pressure pack) is not required like a xenon lamp.
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