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Xenon headlamps and LED car headlamps their advantages and disadvantages of each comparison
- May 12, 2017 -

Advantages of xenon headlamps:

First, the color temperature of xenon lamp from 3000K to 12000K, of which 6000K color temperature and sunlight are similar, but with more green and blue components, so showing blue and white light. This blue and white light has greatly improved the road signs and signs of brightness;

Second, HID higher than the halogen lamp three times the brightness efficiency, to enhance the night and fog driving line of sight clarity has a significant effect;

Third, the xenon lamp emission of light is more than 2 times the halogen lamp, while the energy conversion to light energy efficiency than the halogen lamp more than 70%, so the xenon lamp has a relatively high energy density and light intensity. Improve the brightness of the car lights also effectively expand the front of the visual range, thus creating a more safe driving conditions;

Fourth, save 1/2, halogen lamps consume more than 60W of electricity, xenon lights only 35W of electricity;

Five, because the xenon lamp is not filament, so it will not produce due to filament off and scrapped the problem, the service life is much longer than the halogen lamp, xenon lamp life is equivalent to the average life cycle of the car all the running time;

Six, xenon lights in the event of failure will not be instantly extinguished, but by gradually darkening the way off (or fast light), so that drivers can win time in the night driving, emergency parking side;

Xenon headlights

Of course, xenon headlamps have the above advantages at the same time, also have the following shortcomings:

A: change the original circuit, wire specifications and increase the output power of the bulb, may lead to the line was burned or short circuit, shorten the life of the lamp, and then lead to vehicle safety risks.

Two: rain and fog weather, penetrating less than halogen headlamps, color temperature in the 6000K-10000K xenon lamp irradiation effect is far less than halogen lamps.

Three: xenon headlamps there is a drawback is due to the brightness is too high, it is easy to shake the opposite of the driver's eyes, there is a certain security risks.

Four: xenon headlamps uneven quality, poor xenon headlamps temperature is too high, easy to refill the glass baked bad.

Next, just talk about the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights.

First of all, the advantages of LED car headlamps:

A: long life, generally up to tens of thousands or even 100,000 hours. Some people think that if the future of automotive lighting using LED, the entire car will not use the replacement of the lamp;

Two: high efficiency, low energy consumption. LED light source does not need to filter can directly produce automotive lighting needs red, amber and other colors, no loss, power utilization up to 80% or more;

Three: high-quality light, environmentally friendly products are basically no radiation, "green" light source;

Four: LED structure is simple, the internal support structure, surrounded by a transparent epoxy seal, good seismic performance;

Five: lit no delay, light response speed (nanosecond), for moving fast objects to use;

Six: apply low voltage work, can be applied in the car;

Seven: LED occupies a small size, the designer can freely change the lamp mode, so that car shape diversification. Car manufacturers favor LED, LED is entirely the advantages of their own decision;

Eight: now a new generation of LED car headlamps can be achieved without loss of installation, direct replacement of the original car can be halogen, simple and quick installation;