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The future car headlamps will change in these directions
- May 12, 2017 -

The lights are the standard of each car, but even the old driver, it is not necessarily able to use the right lights. Of course, today's soldiers are not talking about the use of rules and skills, but according to their own driving experience found some problems, some lights are improved, is not it?

Show wide lights gradually replaced by daytime lights

Show wide lights, also called the show lights. The brightness of the light is low, usually in the evening or during the day when the rain will open the driver, with the use of light in the outside, but do not need to use the transition phase of the near light, the main role is more visible by other vehicles.

In the test drive a variety of daytime running lights models: now a lot of new cars have been fitted with daytime running lights. Daytime lights are bright, even in the evening, or in the rain in the evening, you can from the rearview mirror to find a car running daytime lights. If you turn on the wide light, the day line lights but turn off or weaken, you will find that the brightness of the wide light is much lower than the daytime running lights, the evening when the brightness is insufficient, the owner will not take long to open the low beam, The actual use of time is very short.

Which leads to such a contradiction, the role of daylight lights warning light is greater than the display, but also covers the use of the wide range of lights, the effect is also better. Show wide lights, more to the taillight light. Europe has the daytime running lights as a new car factory must have, this wave will also follow the example of the world. So that the wide light, there is the meaning of the existence of it?

Bingbing think, the most reasonable way should be the day line lights and show wide lights into one, in the automatic headlamps on the basis of increasing the brightness of automatic adjustment, according to the surrounding brightness automatically increase or decrease.

Increase the trumpet "fog lamp" to complete the irradiation area.

Fog lights in the front of the position is very low, open the front fog lights, the ground on the ground to illuminate more widely and more clearly, many drivers, especially the novice will feel so open mind more practical point. Many cars on the table with a "turn to help this function, in fact, there are many cars is the use of fog lights as a turn of the auxiliary lights and light up, this is not clear in the fog lamp on the ground near the role of exposure?

The role of fog lights is through the fog, although the power is basically as high as five or sixty watts, high power even beyond the headlights. If we all fog lights, add up, or will cause damage to the car, environmental protection and energy conservation is also no harm.

In view of the night at random a lot of fog lights, soldiers think that car manufacturers should be improved in these two directions: either to enhance the headlights on the ground area and brightness of the irradiation, or to improve the fog lamp structure, both high power fog lights, And can have a low-power car light mode to illuminate the ground.