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Talking about the Application Advantages of LED Lighting System in Studio
- May 12, 2017 -

Since the birth of the world's first semiconductor light-emitting diodes in the 1960s, LED lighting has been known as the third revolution of human lighting because of its long life, energy saving, rich colors, safety and environmental protection. With the LED lighting technology to further improve the LED film and television stage to solve the professional lighting equipment, key technology research, efficient, energy saving, long life, environmental protection and other technical features introduced 100W and above LED video lighting, instead of more than 1000W halogen tungsten light source Of the film and television lamps, and through the LED video stage lighting industry, the phasing out of the stage of the film and the performing arts industry inefficient light source LED lighting industry professional and technical personnel to tackle the main issue.

Talking about the Application Advantages of LED Lighting System in Studio

LED lights

LED lighting system overview

LED light system Compared with the existing incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and high pressure sodium lamp, LED light source has several obvious advantages, including: long life, can reach 50,000 to 100,000 hours; energy saving, the same Lighting effect than the traditional light source more than 80; use of low cost; strong, environmentally friendly without radiation; waste can be reused; does not contain mercury and other harmful elements. LED light source technology matures, the rapid growth of luminous lumens per watt, high power LED light output has reached 100 lumens / watt, the future up to 150 lumens / watt. With many countries and regions have introduced a low light-emitting efficiency of the light source, advocate green, energy-efficient applications, LED lighting system with its green and energy efficient quality in many areas of application.

In the field of foreign television studios, theaters, sports venues and other professional lighting field has emerged from the high-power LED module for the light source of the sky lights, to row lights, soft lights and other flood lighting series. These flood lighting products, fully used to LED lighting for the light of the film and television lamps, energy-saving effect is very obvious, while the film and television personnel to provide a good comfortable working environment. On the one hand, because the LED is a series of cold light source, the heat from the light-emitting surface is extremely low, which greatly reduces the ambient temperature of the studio. Due to the decrease of the ambient temperature, the load of the air conditioning unit of the studio is greatly reduced, effect. On the other hand, as high-power white LED with the progress of technology, and gradually can do both high light efficiency, but also a high color, to meet the requirements of film and television stage lighting. At present, with the rapid development of LED system design technology, LED lighting system is among the high-end applications in the field of lighting, studio lighting system configuration has been toward all-digital, high-definition, multi-functional and energy-saving direction, LED The application of light in the digital studio has also become an inevitable direction.

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