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Revolutionary Error Free LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs For European Cars
- Jan 19, 2018 -

One quality that is associated with European machines is "precision" and when it comes to European car manufacturers, they take pride in making their cars with exactly the same precision.


European cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz have long boasted of some of the bestselling car models. They have been pioneers in both the safety and comfortable features, which have been replicated by other car manufacturers throughout the world including Japanese and American brands.


Now days, especially for European cars, error free and no resistor required LED bulbs for turn signal lights or backup lights have been introduced in the markets, which stresses on precision car lighting. With these LED's, the problems associated with turn signal lights or back up lights like errors and hyper-flash are completely eliminated.


Key features of these Canbus LEDs are:


Each bulb gives 18 W output resulting in almost double brightness than ordinary bulbs.

Twenty pieces of high power SMD LED Emitter is produced per LED bulb.

Free or error so no more "bulb out" warning message on the dashboard.

The best part of these LED bulb lights is that they do not require any load resistors.

Package contents:


One pair (2 pieces) of amber yellow or xenon white 20-SMD CanBus no resistor required LED turn signal light or reverse light bulbs.


Having powerful turn signal lights or backup lights is a good idea but having these all new no error LEDs for turn signals or back up is a totally different experience. Most car owners refuse to install LED bulbs for turn signal lights due to the unsolvable issues of hyper flashing and the awful error warning show up on the dashboard. Worry no more! These LED will give the car owner completely no error on dashboard and no rapid flashing problem and no need to add resistor.


Turn signal lights are important from safety point of view as they indicate the intentions of the car driver to the vehicles following behind and it is extremely important that their operation should be free of any errors. European cars, which take great pride in providing precision turning, can now also boast of error free turn signal lights. The brightness offered by these high power LED is almost twice the brightness of stock bulbs. What more can one ask for? These LED lamps are load resistor free, error free, do not flicker and are even brighter than stock bulbs. They are an amazing addition to European cars that boast of high quality and high performance.


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