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LED car headlamps are the biggest potential market for future LED car lighting
- May 12, 2017 -

LED car headlamps is the future of LED car lighting the largest potential market, the maximum profit of up to 200%. So the LED headlamps market to do 1 billion is a very easy thing. A few years ago, the headlamps because of high-power cooling technology problems, large-scale application has not yet formed. LED headlamps as LED lights in the field of the most high-end applications, the sub-industry in the international are still in its infancy. At present, only the Audi A8L, Buick LaCrosse several brands with the top models are equipped with LED headlamps. GLII latest car LED report shows that the current LED headlamps penetration rate of less than 1%. With the development of the series of LED car headlamps heat dissipation technology problems are well resolved, the market will be more and more widely used, while the market retail prices to meet consumer expectations, a new round of car headlamps retrofit boom Also follow!