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How to Improve Your Car Lights With the Latest Upgrade Sidelight Bulbs
- May 11, 2018 -

If you have HID xenon headlights fitted to your vehicle or even if you have upgraded your standard halogen headlight bulbs to the latest xenon bulbs, you will have seen how crisp and white the light produced by xenon lights is.


Unfortunately you have probably also noticed that the light from your sidelight bulbs appear a dull yellow colour in comparison and do not compliment your xenon lights. Fortunately there is wide range of upgrade lights that are brighter and whiter than standard bulbs and if you are feeling adventurous they can come in a range of colours.


How Do Upgrade Sidelight Bulbs Differ From Ordinary Bulbs?


Standard bulbs are very cheap massed produced items, utilising very rudimentary filaments with the glass bulb section normally filled with a basic, inert gas. By comparison upgrade sidelight bulbs use the very latest in car bulbs technology, and so are constructed from superior materials and have high quality filaments.


Most importantly the latest upgradebulbs are filled with either xenon or halogen gas, which ensures that these upgrade bulbs produce a much brighter and crisper light, which more closely compliments HID xenon bulbs.


What About Blue Sidelight Xenon Bulbs?


Alongside clear glass upgrade bulbs it is also possible to buy bulbs with a blue xenon tint, and these are becoming increasingly popular with drivers. Although bulbs with blue tinted glass are often marketed as being able to emit a blue light from your sidelights, it is often the case the blue tint actually removes the yellow light tinge, so that the bulb produces a much whiter and crisper light.


The level of blue xenon tint permitted on these car bulbs is limited by two factors, ECE rules and the amount of heat it generates. Because the blue tint is acting as a filter it partially blocks out the light that the bulb can emit, so ECE rules give maximum permissible levels of blue tinting on sidelight bulbs so that they can still remain street legal.


Secondly because the blue tinted glass traps some of the light from escaping from the bulb it runs hotter than a clear glass items, and if the tint is too dark it will operate at too high a temperature and will burn out too quickly.


LED Sidelight Bulbs Are They Suitable For My Car?


The latest generation of sidelights use LED technology, and they are becoming more prevalent in prestige makes, such as the Porsche 997 and the Audi R8. LED stands for light emitting diode and they have several benefits over standard glass items.


LED sidelight bulbs are incredibly tough and durable and so normally last for over 50,000 hours, draw much less power and produce a much brighter and more intense light than standard car bulbs, and are available in range of colours.


Converting to LED sidelight bulbs is normally very quick and easy. LED upgrade bulbs have exactly the same base design as their standard counterparts and so will fit directly into your existing bulb holders.


Replacing your standard sidelight bulbs with either upgrade xenon bulbs or the very latest LED bulbs can really transform your car's night time appearance. They can produce a much brighter and crisper light, that is better suited to compliment xenon headlight bulbs and if you install the super long life LED bulbs, you will be more likely to need to change your car before you will need to replace the sidelight bulbs.


If you have already made the switch to xenon by upgrading the car bulbs used in your vehicle's headlights you will already know how much of a difference they can make, both in the stylish look of your car lights, but also in how they make driving at night so much more safer because you can seen further ahead and more clearly. To complete the transformation of your car lights it is well worth also investing in some upgrade sidelight bulbs as well, because they will not only compliment the light coming from your headlight bulbs, they will also give an interesting styling effect.