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How to do an LED Headlight Conversion
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Since LED headlights are substantially brighter than regular headlights, LED can save money through less accidents. But what if your motorcycle or car doesn't have LED lights? Install it yourself. You can get LED many online vendors. There are six steps to follow--unscrewing the cover, pulling the bezel out, checking the wires, cutting the wires, connecting the wires and mounting the LED housing. In order to install LED headlights, you'll need a screwdriver, wire crimpers, wire cutters, wire strippers, and, of course, the LED headlights themselves.

Unscrewing the Cover

You'll need a Phillips Screwdriver, and when you get that, use it to unscrew the lens from the fender. Once you've done that, you should be able to see the bulb itself.

Pulling the Bezel Out

You'll have to pull the bezel out of the fender, but before you do anything else, you'll have to leave the bulb hanging from the fender. The wires that it is attached to have importance-you're going to need to check the wires.

Checking the Wires

You're going to need a 12-volt test light, and once you have that, find out which wire goes to the brakes, which wire goes to the running lights, and which wire goes to the turn signal. In order to do that, hit the brakes, and each consecutive wiring. If the wire glows, that is your braking wire. You need to know this, or else you won't wire the LED lights correctly.

Cutting the Wires

In order to do this, you need a wire cutter, wire crimpers and a wire stripper. Once you have acquired each of the following, cut each wire and strip the ends. Once you've done that, crimp one end of the wires to a butt connector.

Connecting the Wires

Connect the wires using the butt connector, making sure that each LED connection is correct with no mistakes.

Mounting the LED Housing

Place the LED housing into the fender. Screw the lens into place with the correct screws and your screwdriver. Once you are finished, check to make sure the wiring is correct and the bulbs actually work. All in all, the steps are simple, as long as you know a little bit of what you are doing, and as long as you have the right tools. Connection is important, as the wrong connection may cause the headlights to not even work.