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Device sales The fastest growing automotive technology includes LED car headlamps
- May 12, 2017 -

In 2020, the fastest growing automotive products in the automotive industry include LED car headlamps and other five categories, "for suppliers, in the right technology market segment will usher in an attractive era."


According to the unit unit annual sales growth is expected, the five major technologies:

1, LED car headlights: 51%

2, remote wireless electronic communication: 34%

3, camera: 29%

4, radar: 23%

5, lithium-ion battery: 22%


The reason why the technology will be high-speed growth, mainly due to the recent cost of a substantial decline. In addition, consumers also show willingness to pay for new technologies, including technologies that dramatically improve vehicle safety, fuel economy and comfort. "People are willing to pay $ 1,000 or more, such as a traffic jam, etc. This is an exciting piece of data."