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Development of LED lights have a competitive advantage
- May 12, 2017 -

The current national policy level advocates energy saving and emission reduction. Business development direction from focusing on xenon headlamps to focus on the development of LED lights industry. "The development of LED lights in the field is equivalent to walk in front of others. Walk in front of others, we must have their own obvious advantages. Moreover, the company to develop LED lights field, not only can maintain the original channels, but also added new customers "Wenzhou Zhongyang Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in LED car headlamp research and development, the company's development momentum fierce, adhere to the scientific and technological innovation and product differentiation of the road.

Recently, Rolls-Royce official released on the 2013 Mirage Coupe models of the official picture, compared to the old models of the biggest change is its use of all-LED headlamp design; Audi S8 all the lights are using LED lighting technology ... ... variety Car lights using LED lights, indicating that LED lighting market demand began to grow substantially. Moreover, compared with traditional light bulbs, LED lights in the vehicle's entire life cycle can be used, almost no maintenance, energy saving up to 50%.