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Automotive LED headlamps have so many advantages
- May 12, 2017 -

Now most models are still using ordinary halogen headlamps, and the better models will use xenon headlamps. Up to the construction of the light group to do some innovation, the use of lenses, reflector light to improve the efficiency of light, but the lamp group itself lack of technological innovation. LED brightness is high and penetrating, that is, light attenuation is much lower than the halogen lamp. Car LED headlamps so many advantages, and practical, why come so late?

    LED is Light Emitting Diode short, it has a very popular Chinese name - light-emitting diodes. They are now often light boxes, signs and a variety of electrical indicators and the role of the backlight. Before the LED is unable to issue the "white light" required for headlamp lighting, because there is no "white light" in the visible spectrum, it is not monochromatic light, but a variety of monochromatic light composite light. People see the white light, the need for blue light + yellow light combination of two wavelengths of light or blue light + green light + red light light mixture of three wavelengths (this is the color of the three primary colors). Since both methods require blue light, the blue LED becomes an important technical node for the development of white LEDs.


    In 2008, Audi first used the LED on the A4 wide light, first opened the LED headlamp era. After many manufacturers have begun to follow up, have begun to use LED display wide lights. Now Europe even began to legislate, in order to drive safety, all in the sale of models must be assembled LED display wide lights. However, all manufacturers only stay in the LED display light this step, and no further innovation.

    Until the 2010 Audi A8 and the introduction of the second generation of Mercedes-Benz CLS, the real meaning of the LED headlights appeared in people's attention. Recently, the new Passat's listing with dual lens LED headlamps and headlights follow the steering function, indicating that the popularity of automotive LED lights began.