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Automotive/Car LED Lights, What to Know
- Jan 15, 2018 -

LEDs can be a fantastic choice for turn signals, brake lights, license plate lighting and interior lighting and new LED headlights are among the most promising so far. New SMD (surface mounted diode) can produce more light from less electricity than any other available technology.


Can I replace my headlights with LED headlights?

Vehicle headlights are strictly regulated, always be sure you are abiding by all applicable laws when installing ”retrofit LED headlights”
High brightness LEDs for use as headlights are quickly becoming the norm for manufacturers such as Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and of course Audi, and while these lighting packages are often options, the newer trend of incorporating LEDs completely into the automobile is becoming industry-standard.

LED brake and turn signals
Way back in automotive history, a decision was made about universal standards regarding brake light base types and turn signal (markers), making replacement bulbs easily available for safety reasons. Although the modern automotive world filled with a variety of light bulb base types, the old standards such as T10-T20 wedge, as well as 1156 and 1157 remaining the most common automotive light bulb.

Why can’t I just use white LEDs, they are behind red lenses anyway?
Colored automotive acrylic lenses block out all but the desired lighting wavelength, using a red LED behind a red lens, will allow all the available light to pass through unfiltered making it extremely bright.

Compatibility issues
Older vehicles signal lights may flash rapidly when LED turn signals are installed. Try upgrading flasher to a solid state unit.

Can Bus (low voltage signaling protocol)

If your car is a newer model or an import, you may need to ensure that you use “Can Bus compliant” LED bulbs. Because the LEDs use only 10% of their incandescent brothers, they will sometimes falsely trigger lamp failure indicator lights in your automobile interior. If this is the case your automobile probably utilizes the Can Bus (low voltage signaling protocol)

LED lights for automotive use are becoming widely available at automotive specialty factory such aswww.dledauto.com

If you’re tired of changing burnt out brake lights and turn signals, maybe switching to LED automotive lighting is worth investigating.