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Are Daytime Running Car Lights Safer?
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Did you know that in many countries it's against the law to run your car during the daytime unless your car bulbs are lit?


Sounds crazy, right? But many scientists argue that the more visible you are, the better other motorists will be able to see you and then accidents can be avoided.


These lights are called 'daytime running car lights' and this basically means that they stay on all of the time. Have you ever seen a Volvo? You know how their lights are always on? That's right, daytime running car lights, because Volvos are from Sweden which is one of the countries where you need them by law.


It makes sense really. Countries like Sweden and Russia are known for their poor and extreme weather. Therefore if you equip cars to permanently be more visible, even when a snap blizzard comes in or during the winter when it is dark for most (or all, in the Arctic) of the day, you will be able to see and be seen!


But how about if you live in a country without this regulation? Why bother?


Have you ever heard the saying, "better to be safe than sorry?" This is exactly why daytime running car lights can be important.

The hardest time for the human eye to make out movement is during glare and dusk, so these headlight bulbs will help.


Some say that you will spot a car with daylight running lights a few split-seconds faster than one without, and that those few moments give your brain enough time to react and get you out of trouble if need be.


Insurance companies could also approve of DRLs because if yours are on and you're involved in a disputed accident, they could help the blame to be given to other party. After all, they're one more reason to suggest that you made yourself as visible as possible to them and therefore they are at fault!


Opponents of DRLs argue that they will waste fuel, as your car burns fuel to create power to run its electrical components and that they aren't very green as they will simply lead to you changing your car bulbs more often!


It is beyond dispute that DRLs make you more visible in general, but many people have complained that cars equipped with them become irritating, annoying or even dangerous once night falls! The extra light can dazzle drivers which could potentially cause accidents.

The figures don't suggest DRLs being widely used will actually help stop accidents either. When centre brake lights were adopted in the early 90s, experts predicted a 50% drop in rear end accidents. The real figure? Maybe around 5%. Therefore if everyone used DRLs would the roads become safer? The evidence suggests perhaps not.


Either way, it's hard to disagree with daytime running lights. The possible benefit seems to outweigh the cons. Ask yourself, if DRLs helped you to avoid one traffic accident would they be worth it? You'd have to answer yes! Also if you do live in a country with bad or changeable weather conditions then they should be a must if you don't already have them!


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