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5 Car Lights That Will Get Your Ride Noticed!
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Are you bored with your car's look? Then it's time to modify it with a cool body kit, car bulbs, tuned engine and crazy sound system.

The most noticeable part of any car is its headlights, and you can actually do a lot with headlight bulbs to make your car unique. There are many different styles of headlights on the market now, but particularly en vogue at the moment are the 'Lexus style' lights which are a clear housing in which you can see the individual coloured car bulbs. These look really futuristic and the lights really sparkle.

Also popular are 'angel eyes' which are also clear cased and often slightly slanted. They were made famous by BMW several years ago. They look sleek, but their coolness is increased by the ability to see the different individual lenses used for main beam, dipped headlight and fogs.

If you are going to go for a clear headlight casing coloured car bulbs will be a good choice, but make sure that they have a silver finish. If not the overall effect will be messy when the lights aren't on as you'll have a headlight case full of different coloured lights that looks like someone's breakfast!

Remember that no matter how outlandish your ride's paint-job is, it's possible to get headlight units with colour-coded paint surrounds so the effect is just right and nothing is clashing. Check before you buy and then there's no excuse for making a mess of it.

For the motorist aiming to pimp their ride's lights there are really only two choices for headlight bulbs. HID or Xenon headlights and LED bulbs.

These are top of the line and will have your buddies gasping with admiration!

Xenon headlights glow with a cool, blue sheen and are the brightest lights you can get. They'll last for ages, so you only need to buy them once. These are the new industry standard on top of the range cars, but it's easy to upgrade yours by buying after-market HID lights.

LED lights are also very long-lasting and easy to install thanks to their small size. Much like HID lights they are also brighter than old halogen bulbs and therefore are also a good choice for getting noticed.

Don't forget that if you're upgrading your headlights you should also think about your brake lights and indicators too, or your scheme won't match and your ride will look whack. For indicators and brake lights cars LED lights would be better as they are immediately bright and super visible.

OK, so you've decided it's time to upgrade your car bulbs in order to complement your ride's new style, but where can you find the best value kit? Not the high-street, that's for sure! Welcome to visit www.dledauto.com.