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Fog Light

Automotive fog lights are installed at the front and rear of the car to illuminate roads and safety warnings when driving in rain and fog. Increased visibility of the driver and surrounding traffic participants.
The rear fog light for vehicles is installed in the rear of the vehicle in an environment with low visibility such as fog, snow, rain or dust. It is easy to find for other road traffic participants behind the vehicle. It is a red signal light with a greater luminous intensity than the tail light.
This kind of light can increase the running distance, especially the yellow anti-fog lamp has high light penetration, which can improve the visibility of the driver and surrounding traffic participants, so that the car and pedestrian can find each other at a distance. Since the anti-fog lamp has high brightness and strong penetrability, it does not cause diffuse reflection due to fog, so proper use can effectively prevent accidents.
Due to this special principle of the fog lamp, it has a certain range of use. The light source of the fog lamp has no directionality and is similar from all angles. When the fog is heavy, the light intensity is just right. In this way, the fog lamp plays a role in improving the recognition.
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