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Brake Light

Brake lights are generally installed at the rear of the vehicle. The main body is red in color, which enhances the penetration of the light source, so that the vehicles driving behind can easily find the brakes in front of the vehicle even in the case of low visibility, thus preventing the rear-end collision. . The simple model is that the power supply passes the insurance, then to the brake switch, when the brake pedal is pressed to brake, the switch is connected, and the electric power is sent to two brake lights and a high position brake light, and the negative line is connected with the vehicle body to form a loop.
Our brake lights are made of LEDs. It has no radiation, no pollution, and has a long service life. The theory reaches 60,000 hours. The brake light is used in the rear of the car. It has a warning function and a positioning function. When it is in different functions, the power of the brake light changes. Brake lights can effectively prevent vehicle rear-end incidents and reduce traffic accidents. Our brake lights are brighter and more obvious. It is mainly used to remind the vehicles behind, the car should slow down or stop.
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